High Performance Polyurethane VS Oz Red Super Polymer (HPU VS ORSP)

High Performance Polyurethane VS Oz Red Super Polymer (HPU VS ORSP)

Polyurethanes generally exhibit outstanding tear strength and elongation, high resistance to chemical, oil, abrasion and wear, good UV stability and high impact strength. The advantageous, wide range of properties that polyurethanes have to offer has made them a more preferred choice as compared to other materials such as rubber, metal and plastic.   

To take a closer look at the two commonly used seal making materials – High Performance Polyurethane (HPU) and Oz Red Super Polymer (ORSP), Oz Seals manager Marc Prinz conducted various tests to showcase the superiority of the Oz Red Super Polymer (ORSP).

The tests conducted includes:

1) Machine Ability Test

2) Material Memory / Stretch Test

3) Tensile Strength Test

When testing for tensile strength, the Oz Red Super Polymer (OSRP) clearly showed longitudinal elasticity as compared to the HPU which broke apart quickly when stretched.

4) Heat Test

The OZ Red Super Polymer (ORSP) is a unique form of polyurethane that is formulated from Oz Seals.

The ORSP is a leg up from its other polyurethane counterparts. It is a far more superior material in the sealing industry. It has higher tensile strength, better memory, excellent abrasion resistance and is triple lubricated – which ultimately depletes a machine’s downtime and keeps the machine running smoothly.

To watch an in-depth video comparison between the High Performance Polyurethane VS Oz Red Super Polymer video, please press play below.

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