– Components and colours tailored according to client’s needs/customization
– Side cabinets for each component for easy access when servicing
– 304 stainless steel tanks equipped to homogenize and heat up components rapidly.
– Thermo-regulating system fully verifiable and adjustable.
– High-accuracy gear dosing pumps.
– Dynamic mixing head mounted on a fixed supporting arm or a pouring trolley.
– Flushing system to flush mixer and mixing chamber after pouring.
– General electrical panel comprising of Prinz Polymers control board and PLC


– Powerful electrically heated for hot-cast polyurethane processing
– Accurate metering for consistent mixing ratios
– Dynamic or static mixing system for enhanced mixing
– Effective material degassing for bubble-free moldings


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Item Specification
Viscosity (cps) A POLYOL or pre-polymer~4000mpa.s 45°C-100°
C For alcohol type chain extender ~500mpa.s 45°C
C For MOCA 10~1000mpa.s(~130°C)
S: (For pigment):. 50~800mpa.s (Normally temp)
Output 1-5L/MIN (2-4 average) There are some weight differences when the density of the raw material and the mixing ratio of the raw material are different.

Option: Two added tank for colour and agent use.

Item Specification
AC Tank Material of Tank: Stainless steel 304 with heating jacket
Max capacity A200L, B150L
Useful capacity A80L, B80L
Heating system electric fan recirculation
Temperature check PT100 sensor
Max Temp 130°C
Tolerance on the temperature holding within +/-1.5°C
Mixer: Stainless steel material, anchor type
Mixing speed: Adjusted according to different raw material
Inspection window: Siter glass with light

Option: Electrical inductor

Auxiliary System: Vacuum system

Nitrogen filling system

Vacuum meter

Raw material filling system

Raw material Vacuum absorb system

Raw material unloading system
Pipe Material PTFE reinforced with steel web
Heating system electric line heating
Max working pressure 20 bar
Max Temp 130°C
Tolerance on the temp holding within +/-1°C
Metering system A,C components Metering pump: Gear pump from Germany
Delivery capacity of Metering pump A 20cc/b 6 cc
Filters: Highly filtering surface Stainless steel 304
Motor inverter controlled electric motors with tachometer and thermal sensor
Mixing Head Material: High strength alloy
Speed: 0.0 to 6500 rpm
Heating: Electric independent
Mixing system: Dynamic mixer directly coupled to the motor
Temperature check: Thermal sensor
Tolerance on the Temp maintenance: +/- 1°C
Motor: Electric controlled by an inverter
Injectors for A,C Material: High strength alloy
Heating: Electric, Independent
Temperature check: Thermal sensor
Tolerance on the temperature maintenance : +/-1°C
Auxiliary metering & injection system Pump: Gear pump, S 6 ccm
Flow range: 0.012-0.12L/min Metering accuracy: 0.3%
Pressure check: Pressure transducer
Tank capacity: 0.6L/2L
Motor: Electric managed by an inverter
Injectors: Single for each auxiliary with independently adjustable injection pressure
Flushing system *NOTE: Automatic cleaning system can be designed Tank: 20L stainless steel
Control of liquid: Visual glass window
The circulation speed cleans the turbine with air or fluid
Emergency power off cleaning function
Mixing heads controlled by each single system
A pre-cleaning program available
Circuit board & software A circuit board is designed in compliance with the EC standard
Both the working/waiting time can be controlled by the software
Real time working position
Automated screen
Formulated program design
Machine size Height: 2,200mm
Length: 2,000mm
Width: 2,000mm
Length of injection handle: 1,300mm
Weight: 1,380kg


- Vacuum pump: 40m3/h

- Compressed air: Dry air 5/7 bars

- Flow capacity: > 5 Nm3/hour

- Power: 220V/380V – 50 Hz (3P+N+T)

- Can be used for TDI, MDI, MDQ system polyurethane elastomer products with MOCA, BDO and other substances as chain extenders