Poly 3 Processing Machine Shipped!

Poly 3 Processing Machine Shipped!

We are excited to announce that our Poly 3 Processing Machine has just been shipped to one of our clients!

In Prinz Polymers, we are able to service your old machines or provide you with a custom machine that is tweaked to your manufacturing requirements.

All of our engineers are knowledgeable and well trained. They are able to handle and repair any new, used or problematic machines with the utmost care.

Buying a machine from Prinz Polymers, would be a hassle-free process. Customers are guaranteed to experience a simplistic and quality service right from the start to the end of their buying process.

We understand that a machine’s downtime will cost you time and money and unlike our competitors,  customers at Prinz Polymers will be given a detailed run through on how to care and maintain their machines. This maintenance run through is especially important for our clients as it ensures that all of their equipments are operating at peak efficiency at all times.

If you are looking to buy Poly Processing Machines, you can be sure that our machines are competitively priced and are the best-designed machines in Australia.

All of our poly processing machines are manufactured and modelled in Australia. They are IN STOCK and ready to be tested in our in-house manufacturing facility.

For further enquiries regarding our machines, please do not hesitate to call our Brisbane Branch at 1300 792 600.