Prinz Material Curing Oven – Bigger & Better!

Prinz Material Curing Oven – Bigger & Better!

After months of eager anticipation, we are excited to finally announce the arrival of The New Prinz Polymers Material Oven, in our Brisbane Workshop.

Prinz Polymers Material Curing Oven just arrived in our workshop!

With this gigantic curing oven, it will not only help us boost our raw materials production, – (Has the capacity and capability to pump out 5 times more the amount of raw materials in just 1 day!) but most importantly,  It would expand our polyurethane products/raw materials to meet the ever-increasing demands of our high-quality raw materials.


It is a thermal processing equipment designed to

1) Improve the strength and durability of a material by accelerating a desirable chemical reaction. This is achieved by elevating the temperature of a material to within or above a specific limit.

2) Enhance the properties of construction materials in its natural state.

POLYMERIZATION a common application in material curing oven.

Polymerization refers to the formation of complex polymer chains from small molecule monomers across a broad range of chemical species and functional groups.

POLYMERIZATION in Material Curing ovens are used to

1) Encourage the formation of high-strength bonds between monomers and synthetically ‘grow’ these materials in high-temperature environments.

At Prinz Polymers, we take pride in producing only the highest quality raw materials and polyurethane products. Our super Polymers are well- known for its exceptional performance under a fast-changing industry. To view our range of materials please click on the link,  Oz Materials or Or contact us at our Brisbane Branch Office @ 07 3290 1846 if you have any enquires.