Super Polymers – Tough, Low friction, Wear, Chemical & Heat Resistant

Super Polymers – Tough, Low friction, Wear, Chemical & Heat Resistant

Companies tend to overlook the small machine parts and are opting for average quality seals to cut down their cost. Little do they know that fixing in a high-quality machined thermoset seal for their equipment, can make a huge difference.

Cheap and average quality seals are made from thermoplastic polymer. The image is of an average quality injection-moulded seal that has melted and broke under the strain due to extreme temperature fluctuations (heating and cooling).  Average quality seals last only for 3-6 years, Super polymers outlasts all of them by 2-10 times.

The problem with injection-moulded seals is when the temperature increases, they soften rapidly. This leads to extrusion and nibbling failure patterns in the seal. Injection moulding loses more than 20% of their properties when melted and injected. Therefore, virgin raw materials are much more superior.

After having encountered many seal failures, Oz Seals has set the tone for the development of good quality and hard-wearing polyurethane seals. Using only high quality 100% virgin PU raw material to produce stable and void-free base seals.

The range of super polymers are a cut above the rest as they are thermoset and spin cast.  What is unique about these super polymers is the way they were processed. They were made from the Oz Poly4 four-component processing plant which is an enclosed process that works in a controlled environment to prevent contamination.


This high-performance material is a triple, lubricated polyurethane that is able maximize its elasticity and is effective in fast operating cycles.  These polymers have excellent temperature characteristics and have proven itself in tough application situations.